Alternatives to Colonic Therapy

Colon cleansing is an uncomfortable topic one wouldn’t want to talk about because it involves getting rid of the waste found in our body. However, colon cleansing has played a key role in many cultures for thousands of years, particularly colonic therapy. When it is executed professionally as well as with proper care, this medicinal method can remove the toxins and unwanted wastes from your intestinal tract. As a result, it leads to achieving a sustainable level of good health. However, if you are not comfortable undergoing professional colon therapy, you can try these alternatives instead.

An enema is another form of colonic therapy that can be self-administered. The whole process involves a quantity of water being taken into your body. It goes through your rectum and travels 6 to 8 inches up the colon. Normally, the person using an enema would have to hold the water inside the body for about 20 minutes. Once done, he or she can expel the waste down the toilet. However, one should know that an enema is not as thorough as colonic therapy since it doesn’t access the whole length of the colon. Moreover, there are a lot of claims that self-administering the treatment can be challenging for the first-timers.

Dietary Colon Cleansing

If enema and colonic cleansing make you feel a little uncomfortable, there’s one very basic method that you can utilize to cleanse your colon without any of the obvious inconveniences. This method involves incorporating colon cleansing foods into your diet. This promotes good health and the easiest way to unburden your colon from unhealthy wastes. Here are the best diet food good for your digestive tract. First is the plant-based fibers. They are good for your digestive tract and clear the toxic wastes. Green foods are also ideal for colon cleansing. The chlorophyll component is healthy for your colon.

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