Want to Know the Difference Between a Detox Colonic Hydrotherapy Service and a Cleanse?

The phrases cleanse and detox are often used in the same way. This is due to the fact most of the methods used to detox are also to cleanse the body and vice versa. Fasting will help detox and at the same time clean out a person’s digestive system. The detox involves some form of procedure or to start a diet which helps remove the toxins from a person’s body. A cleanse normally refers to a diet or program which helps to rid a person body of waste, especially from the digestive system.

Making the decision on which one to choose will mean choosing what lifestyle changes you are willing to make. A detox could mean giving up your favorite foods and beverages like fast food, soda, and processed snacks. It will also mean adhering to a strict diet, like a raw or organic diet and drink only detox teas and tonics. A cleanse, however, will mean fewer lifestyle changes. A detox colonic hydrotherapy service could mean taking a fiber supplement every day for one or two weeks.

More often, people find they can detox and cleanse at the same time. By detoxing with a raw or organic diet, the colon will be cleansed by increasing one’s daily intake of dietary fiber. Some drinks and teas can also affect a person’s digestive system, meaning it will eliminate any waste which has built up in a system over time. Those choosing a cleanse will find they remove toxins from their bodies by simply passing waste.

Those looking to detox and cleanse must speak to their doctor beforehand, especially when the process calls for major dietary changes. It is advisable also to prepare one’s body for a detox and cleanse. Instead of going the cold turkey way with processed foods, alcohol, nicotine, and other such toxins, slowly wean your body for at least a week. This way your body will be better prepared and is not as likely to be shocked by the radical change. Lastly, think about taking yoga classes and having a massage which does help with the process. This is an excellent way to reward yourself for going through this process which can be at times slightly harrowing.

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