Top Myths About Colonic Cleansing

Amidst the growing number of digestive-tract related health problems in America, several practices, and health products are popping out including colonic cleaning hydrotherapy and the supplements that come with it, claiming to cure or prevent such diseases. However, oftentimes, advertisements and publications can be exaggerated leading to misconceptions and sometimes abused of the certain procedure. Here are two of the most popular myths about colon cleansing.


  • Colon needs frequent cleaning in order to stay healthy. Our colon has its natural ability to clean itself by eliminating stool from our body, leading it through series peristaltic movement in the direction of the colon, where the waste is finally ejected from the body. Also, our colons are filled with good bacteria through which devours undigested fiber that keeps our colon in a good healthy condition. Frequent use of a colonic water therapy may result in loss of electrolytes, as well as damage to the beneficial bacteria that promote the health of our colon.


  • Colonic water therapy and colon cleanse supplements are the most effective way for weight loss. It may be factual that you may lose few pounds from a colonic cleansing but this should not be intended to be a weight loss program. The goal is more about setting a regular health digestive system. Other features of colon cleansing are meant as part of the preparation for diagnostic tests, surgery and constipation cure.


Generally, colonic cleansing therapy should serve its intended use. There must be a raise in public awareness regarding the misuse and the abuse of colonics. It is always suggested to consult a doctor about any medical products and procedure for proper medical supervision.

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